Vamas began in 1973 as a small leather sole factory. Within ten years, thanks also to its launch on European markets, the number of employees doubled and the company underwent a rapid transformation. In 1985 new premises were opened and, two years later, Vamas became a joint-stock company. The company’s market expanded again, to the Far East and, in particular,  Japan. In 1994 Vamas became a limited company and, three years later, opened another factory which was built in order to cope with the growth in production. In the second millennium Vamas appeared on the tpu world that, with its flexibility, allowed the company to differentiate own offer for sale. The name Vamas has been connected with soles, but accessories too, from key case to trimmings for clothes, every with distinctive brand of the most popular griffes.

Forty years of business , ninety employees, 3.000.000 soles produced each year. Vamas is one of the most important  features on the entrepreneurial panorama of the leather sector, a point of reference for the most important footwear producers, from historic giant to the successfully up-and-coming of the footwear world.

Vamas is a dynamic company. That is the way we wanted and it is on this bases that it continues to grow. Every year we invest human and economic resources aimed at finding new paths, new strategies, new products to propose to the market. Research is both our philosophy and our mission. The machinery we use is constantly updated in relation to the information and requirements  we communicate to our producers. The raw materials used are carefully selected following top quality standards.

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