Our success has no secrets, but has been built up patiently over the years. It is thanks to the commitment, creativity and hard work of everybody who works in our company, that Vamas has grown and brought itself to the attention of the various markets. The recognition we receive from the most prestigious brand in the world of footwear is the confirmation of our day-to-day work which is carried out with care and passion. The ability to welcome all types of new ideas and to propose some ourselves, to listen to our customers in order to supply solutions which are fully satisfactory, is all part of a tradition passed on by Vamas from the very beginning.

Vamas spa with its nucleus represents one of the most dynamic companies in the sector. Consolidated synergies with different companies have made it possible  to obtain direct supply channels, thus favoring the constant quality of the raw materials. For this reason, in all our products, the magic of leather and its unique  characteristics are relived and renewed, pressed by the innovation of the tpu technologies that we have introduced to broaden positive sights of leather, known as far as many years, like tightness and resistance. We are proud to present to markets throughout the world an Italian product which has been able to exceed the physical limits of craftsmanship, without disowning any part of the historical and cultural patrimony from which it originates.

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